To begin, I'm using a MacBook Air 13" early 2005 model. I cannot render high-quality images with ease. I can only render on the iMacs my school has allowed me to use. If samples/quality is a part of my problem (Below), please let me know, I just really don't want to do the render if it is going to give the same results. Thanks.

Problem: I have a scene where the camera is staring at leaves in trees. When I render, the images produce fine, but because I am wanting to use volumetrics and such, I have separated the scene into three layers.

  1. Close branches
  2. Tree canopy, volumetrics and a plane above creating a patchy effect in the light (Often used in ocean scenes to replicate light entering the water)
  3. Clouds (Volumetric)

When I have rendered a small strip at 512 samples (CPU), I noticed the z-Buffer has black dots scattered throughout. This is on both layer 1 and 2 (Above). Layer 3 was unaffected. Images: enter image description here enter image description here Image of effects on final composition (Combined layers) -- Note white dots due to Z-Buffer: enter image description here enter image description here FYI: The Leaves are made from a black and white texture, which is randomly coloured and bump mapped. They are then used as particles on the tree.

Could this be due to overlapping planes?


The blender file as requested enter link description here

Thanks again, BFB

  • $\begingroup$ Could the scene be provided please? Does not look like overlapping to me btw. $\endgroup$ – Jan Matys Oct 28 '18 at 3:24

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