I've tried a few times with different methods but I can't seem to get the deform cage right.

Is there a way to cover the mesh with the cage.

Sometimes the mesh is okay like its right leg but then on other parts look messy and crude

Sculpting seems to get the best result for me


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If it's too hard to deal with only one cage, you could deform your mesh with 2 different cages and 2 different Mesh Deform modifiers:

  • Select your body mesh, enter in Edit mode and create 2 different vertex groups, one for each leg.
  • Create 2 different cages, each one will encage one of the 2 legs.
  • Give your body 2 Mesh Deform modifiers. For each modifier choose one of the cage and in the Vertex Group field, choose the corresponding vertex group you've created for each leg.
  • Click on the Bind buttons.
  • Now each cage deform only a part of the mesh.

enter image description here


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