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I am using the alpha if that makes any difference, it shouldn't. I looked under view already and I don't see any relevant options, I also tried to box select the audio track and resize with "S" but its not working. As you can see I can barely see the waveform can someone please help me?

  • Hold CTRL+MMB and pull-up mouse on Y axis (screen Y). This will stretch working area, pulling down will shrink it. That is for Win system. – Serge L Oct 26 at 15:10
  • Thanks this worked, if you want to post that as the answer I will accept it. – Inkplay_ Oct 26 at 15:53
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From official manual:


Use these shortcuts to adjust the sequence area of the VSE:

  • Scale View, Ctrl-MMB and drag up/down (vertical scale) or left/right (horizontal scale).
  • Scale View Vertically, drag on the circles on the vertical scroll bar.
  • Scale View Horizontally, drag on the circles on the horizontal scroll bar.

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