I created a basic human model, then copied the vertices and used a shrinkwrap modifier to make spandex-type clothing. I then connected the clothes to the body using Boolean union modifier.

enter image description here

However, when I try to pose the body using armature, the clothing falls away from the body, even though they are joined. I've tried parenting the clothes to the body as well, with the same results.

enter image description here

Model File:


Why did you choose boolean instead of a simple join (select your different objects and ctrl J)?

I guess you have several solutions:

  • The easiest would be to remove the body mesh under the cloth, or, if you want to keep it, make it invisible with the Mask modifier: Select the part of your mesh that you want to hide and assign it a vertex group, give your object the Mask modifier, in the Vertex Group dropdown menu of the modifier, choose the vertex group you've just created, and, on the right of this dropdown menu click on the inverse arrow.

  • If you want to keep the body you can try the Mesh modifier method as explained here: What should i do with cloth if i want to rig my character

reference videos:



  • Parent your body to your armature.
  • Make sure that your cloth has no vertex groups or is not parented to your armature.
  • Create a mesh that will encompass your whole cloth, it will be your "lattice".
  • Select this mesh, then the armature and ctrl P > With Automatic Weight.
  • Select your cloth and give it a Mesh Deform modifier (put this modifier above any Subsurf modifier). Choose the lattice as the Object and click on Bind.
  • Now when you move your armature, the mesh modifier will smoothly deform the cloth. Make the correction you need in Weight Paint mode for the lattice.
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