Recently I asked a question "I have an object that is slanted on all 3 axes, and I need to rotate its bottom on its own axis." And the answer was simple - Local transform orientation.

But it doesn`t work during animation playback. I set keyframes, rotate the object manually - everything looks good untill I press play - and it rotates under unknown axis\angle. Anything else to tweak or is it kind of a bug?

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    The "problem" you are facing is concerning rotation order. In the manual, it is refered to as rotation mode and not documented well. In the properties panel, under rotation, select a rotation mode where the desired axis (which you rotate around) stands at the first position. E. g. If i want to rotate the cube around it's local Z axis, I would choose ZYX or ZXY, then rotate it and set the keyframes. – Leander Oct 12 at 9:28
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    There are a number of solutions discussed in this thread… – rob Oct 12 at 9:56
  • Yay! Selecting Rotation in properties panel totally works! Many thanks! – Blender Enthusiast Oct 12 at 10:12
  • Strange, though, once worked but not anymore. What a sorcery... – Blender Enthusiast Oct 12 at 10:53

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