I'm having hard time positioning a vertex properly because the manipulator direction changes depending on what vertex I select.

front view I'm in the front view, but Y axis (green) is pointing at bottom-right.

different vertex selected Here it's pointing at bottom-left, isn't Y-axis supposed to be pointing down and/or up no matter which vertex I select?

another different vertex selected Yet again, the Y-axis (green) is pointing down/up correctly and so the others, which is what I want.

How do I make the manipulator x,y, & z axis points in the right direction no matter which vertex I select?

I've tried these, but no luck:

  • CtrlAltShiftC > Origin to Geometry
  • load factory settings

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The orientation of the 3D manipulator is determined by the setting of the Transformation Orientation control in the bottom of the 3D view.

transform orientation setting

You have set it to Normal which aligns the manipulator to the vertex normal. You might want to set it to Global or Local.


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