I just compiled the release build of 2.79b, then realized that since there shouldn't be any new features being added, any post-release commits are likely to contain only bug fixes. Is this a fair assumption? If so then the most stable build would be the latest commit (if there wont' be any more official 2.79 releases, then what are the latest commits for? A basis for 2.8?) thanks

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    If any significant bugs are caught, or if a large enough number is fixed developers may eventually do a 2.79C release. If nor then it may still be useful for people compiling from code like you, institute artists, or until 2.8 is officially available. – Duarte Farrajota Ramos Oct 12 at 1:24
  • Unfortunately I have a huge project that seems to randomly bomb out using my new compile, so I'm back to using 2.78c. Some niggly difference in how the blend file is used that would be impossible to chase down or report. I'm probably ok with this 2.79c for future projects. – Matthew Carson Oct 14 at 23:37

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