I'm trying to unhide a piece of something I'm modeling and the Alt-H shortcut wont work. How do I fix it or is there another way of unhiding things on Blender?

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    Are you in Edit mode (for vertex/face hiding) or Object mode (object hiding)? And have pressed '/' on the numpad to isolate a single mesh? – rob Oct 11 at 14:26
  • I'm on edit mode. No I haven't pressed anything. – Giovanni Casanova Oct 11 at 14:44
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    There isn't any other method of unhiding things in Blender if you really hid them with H. Given the information in question it's hard to add anything else, it could be caused by multiple reasons from trying to unhide in wrong interaction mode to not functioning keys on keyboard. – Mr Zak Oct 11 at 14:58
  • Well I'm sure both keys are working. Its weird since it lets me hide things but when I try to un-hide it doesn't work. – Giovanni Casanova Oct 11 at 15:03
  • Try checking your undo history. As long as you didn't hide it too long ago, you could go back to before you hid it. Also, it might tell you what happened. Undo history is in the Tool Shelf, you open it by pressing T while the cursor is in the 3d Viewport. Look for the section called History, inside is a button labelled Undo History, clicking will show your last 32 actions since you entered edit mode. – kim holder Oct 11 at 15:04

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