I want to create a jack-o-lantern with a mouth that stretches almost 90 degrees around the jack-o-lantern. My previous strategy was to create a SVG image, make it solid, and subtract it from the pumpkin.

What I'd like to do is curve the cutter so It wraps partway around the pumpkin. I don't know how to do that. I'd appreciate suggestions.


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Okay, I found the answer here: What's the most elegant way to cut shapes out of a mesh. I created a bezier curve that covered the curve where I wanted to put the face cut, then I applied a curve modifier to the jack-o-lantern face mesh and moved it into position. Next I applied the boolean operator on the pumpkin using the face and the difference setting. That neatly cut the face out of the pumpkin, giving me the Jack-o-lantern I wanted. Well, almost. I messed up a couple of things (make sure your face is deep enough to cut far enough into the pumpkin) and have to go back and fix them, but the general purpose works.

I hope someone finds this helpful.


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