So ,I was trying to create a 3dview custom menu to easily access Grease pencil data like colors ,layers etc .However these properties didn't have any unique label but a common label called "null" . eg. bpy.data.grease_pencil["GPencil"].(null) = 0,1,2 .... (same label for both GPencil colors and GPencil layers ).

Is their any way to access and operate on such type of data?

  • $\begingroup$ Related When you see Foo.(null) it is a case where the property name is unknown (eg should be foo.bar) or an error has occurred when displaying. Using autocomplete in python console is a quick way to find property names and values. $\endgroup$ – batFINGER Sep 29 '18 at 11:44

I did dig into the gpencil null object prop issue and my best guess is that this exists because a gpencil color is not a float RGB values list but a collection of two set of props - strokecolor and fillcolor. I am not sure how to access a collection like in case of a gpencil color.I did try using context_pointer_set function to point to the activepalette colors index.The code is given below but it gives an context attribute error.

import bpy class GPcolorMenu(bpy.types.Menu): bl_label = “GPcolors” bl_idname = “gpencil.GPcolor_menu”

Copy to clipboard def draw(self, context): layout = self.layout

for color in bpy.data.grease_pencil["GPencil"].palettes["GP_Palette"].colors:

    row = layout.row()

    row.context_pointer_set("active_palettecolors", color) 
    layout.menu(context.active_palettecolors, text=color.name)

def register(): bpy.utils.register_module(name)

def unregister(): bpy.utils.unregister_module(name)

if name == “main”: register()


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