I have a 4.2 ghz quadcore cpu, 16 gigs of RAM, SSD drives, and a GPU with 4 gigs of DDR5 ram. I am editing 1080p video in the Blender vse. Regular playback of footage is fine, but the moment I apply effects, then I get staggered playback. The footage will jump so that my editing is off by several seconds and I need to continually render bits to see how something looks. I maxed-out the CPU for my mobo which leaves RAM and GPU. I can boost my RAM to 32 gigs and I can upgrade my gpu, if it will help. Would a better GPU (6 gigs? 8 gigs?) give me that smooth playback I need so I can edit better in the VSE? Yes, I did use proxies, but the same staggered playback occurs. (As a side note, video editors, like DaVinci Resolve, Lightyworks et al playback fine.) Since this is a hardware question, people tend to post old information. GPU rendering has changed a lot.


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