I created a simple scene with a planet in space. I texture-painted a plane as the background and that worked fine, just a black plane with lots of colored glowing dots.In the first picture renders it worked just fine displaying white stars at the colored dots, but after I rendert an animation the background suddenly turned greyish/orange affter the first frame and from now on it doesnt changes back. My 3D Port scene

My nodes setup

My new render result after the animation

Was using this as non color data to define the white stars


Did you save your hand-painted image texture externally? When you first paint a texture in Blender, it's only saved in cache. If you change frames, close/reopen the project, or move stuff around, you risk losing that work.

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    $\begingroup$ Oh alright i found the issue. Yea I saved it because i am aware of this problem, the thing was that blender tried to use the old one that only was saved into the cache and not the one I saved externally :) $\endgroup$ – Timo Gutsche Sep 25 '18 at 21:23

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