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Recently I've had issues with taking normal maps that I have baked in blender into substance painter and was wondering what the best solution is to the texture compression issue? I followed the tips in a video I found on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6D5tBEjS-N0) but the result is almost as undesirable as the original texture artifacts.

The video involved saving the normal map texture as .exr, importing the map to photoshop, and changing the mode to 8bit. This creates some dithering issues that the guy in the video solves by using the paint bucket tool. This seems like an absolutely absurd way to solve a problem that is seemingly straightforward.

My workflow is Blender-> Substance Painter-> Unity3d. I was able to fix the artifacts going from blender to substance by checking the 32bit float option on the image but exporting from substance painter results in the same artifacts.

My question is this: What is the best method or workflow for baking normal maps and exporting those maps to other programs without getting artifacts from image compression?

I've never had this issue in the past, or maybe I just never noticed the artifacts because they weren't this bad.

I baked the normal maps at 2k and 4k, and with and without the 32bit float option checked. Checking the 32bit float box fixes the issue for only substance painter but not when exporting the textures to Unity.


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