When i make an action, push it, then make a new one, the keyframes from the other actions are still playing, and blending with the new one, how could i play only the new one?


Mute the NLA

enter image description here

Can mute the entire NLA stack using toggle, as shown in image, or via scripting by setting the object's animation data use_nla property. When muted will only evaluate the active action. I call this the one in the "slot", that displays keyframes in action editor / dope sheet.

>>> C.object.animation_data.use_nla

>>> C.object.animation_data.use_nla = False
>>> C.object.animation_data.use_nla

A muted NLA stack is a convenient way to store actions with an association to their target object, mesh, shape etc.

Note also: NLA tracks can be muted individually via the similar mute button on each track.


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