I'm trying to convert the 3D model of a humanoid mesh a 2D flat model,because I've thought : since I want to do the projection painting of an hand drawn image that's 2D,that you can see below :


if I want to get the best result I should use a 2D mesh. I have found this thread :

Convert a 3d model into a simple 2d model

and I have used that tecnique to make the conversion. Below you can see what's the result. The rendered image is good,but the exported svg file is not good. The worst problem of this tecnique is that the mesh is without textures ; there are a lot of doubles ; the body is not splitted into single parts...do you know if there is another tecnique or a combination of modifiers that gives a better result ?

This is the rendered 2D image :


This is the exported svg file :



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