I created in Python a script that models a circular wave on a plane

cf blend file with script python at the link:


What I have to do is to propagate this wave as a function of time (with the frame scrolling in the timeline) what I can not do in python although having introduced a variable frame because after:

added at the beginning of the script the frame variable


seeing modified the line 29 in writing:

29> return u,v,2*math.sin(math.pow(uu+vv,0.5)+function_affine(frame))

this script doesn't work !

So,my question:

What additional lines do I have to introduce in the script to play the animation or the propagation of the circular wave on this plane according to the frame of the timeline?



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Here is the blend file with the modified script. Basically, you have to:

  • create a few shape keys, with incremented angle given to sin function
  • uncheck the Relative box for basis shapekey
  • make the interpolation type linear
  • set the value of evaluation time for the end frame one less than the maximum evaluation time



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