I'm following these settings: Can Blender be used to render 80s style wireframe graphics and animations?

...to Cycles-render wireframe volumes in 80s look. But I don't wanna see the diagonals of each face/square (I know faces have to be triangles in principle, due to the need for co-planar vertices). How to do this? using Blender 2.79b

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    The cycles wireframe node can only work with the mesh data it has, which is always triangulated. Look at other ways to render wireframe. – sambler Sep 15 at 6:36

Tray this Edit Mode

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  • Press ALT + J = Tris to Quads

go to this link there I put the answer a couple of days ago, it is called wire material LINK: How to make visible grid lines in the mesh?

Example Ware-Frame

  • @lamanoaqui maybe this helps is the simple method, Applied in Blender Render (internal) and Game Engine, it must work in cycles in a very similar way. with the exception that I do not know how to do well with nodes but I will try and complement the answer later – Nazgûl Sep 14 at 23:02

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