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I've been learning how to use Blender, and I've come across a tutorial which talks about UV Unwrapping, but it isn't the same version of Blender that mine is so I have no idea what to do now. My version is 2.79

The editor looks like this: The texture is visible

But when I render it (with F12) it just shows this: The texture is just grey

How do I make the render show the texture?

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  • Could you please provide the .blend file? In the screenshot some of the interesting information is not visible. – PHEDev Sep 14 at 10:41

When you use Blender Internal (as your case), the "Texture" viewport mode shows the texture currently opened during UV Unwrap operations, even with no material assigned to the cube. To show the same texture in rendering you must create a material for the mesh and assign the texture to it, as shown in picture.

enter image description here

@salsa Boy the simple step by step guide you can do, that's how they taught me, it's very fast and very easy to remember

Fist Step Second Step Third Step fourth Fifth

  • @Salsa Boy the simple step by step guide you can do, that's how they taught me, it's very quick and very simple to remember, if you need a transparent background, change this box from Sky to Transparent and at the exit remember to have selected RGBA – Nazgûl Sep 14 at 14:55

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