As you can see in the image below, to style some hair on my character I used a Turbulence force field. This is my first time using force fields on hair, however I have done it many times before with regular particles and have had no issues.

As soon as I render the image, my hair looks wild and crazy (as if the velocity of the hair or the force field are amplified when rendering). The left image is an OpenGL render of my viewport. On the right... full render. Same frame, nothing changed.

enter image description here I have taken care to make sure I don't have any modifiers on the emitter. Checked resolution settings for the hair to make sure preview and render settings are the same. I simply cannot figure out why this is happening.

I have no noise, seeding or falloff on my turbulence force field. I have tested variations on every setting I can find on both the Particle System as well as the Force field.

If someone has a better way to create this hair style without editing each strand individually, I will take that as an answer also.

(*As a side note, I sure wish I could freeze the position of particles. That would be nice. But, I digress.)


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