i want to make this set of faces more polished , more round , just having more faces forming a more defined curve

normally i do a subdivision with the modifier and crease the faces from top and below but the model is too complex for that enter image description here

how am i supposed to do ?

temporary file link: https://we.tl/t-r7BXMT7Vxd


  • $\begingroup$ If possible please attach the .blend so we can test out what works in this case blend-exchange.giantcowfilms.com $\endgroup$ – WhatAMesh Sep 10 '18 at 17:29
  • $\begingroup$ i got an error when uploading to you site , i put a wetransfer link $\endgroup$ – DB3D Sep 10 '18 at 17:43
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ It's not too complicated, it just has bad geometry. I would separate the desktop, fix geometry and use subsurf on it. $\endgroup$ – Mzidare Sep 10 '18 at 18:15

Your topology is not good, therefore it limits the improvements you can make. But you can make that corner much rounder with bevels:

  • Go in Edit mode > Edge select mode.
  • Select the edges of your corner.
  • Press ctrl B and drag your mouse.
  • Press + or - or scrollwheel to increase or decrease the amount of edges of your bevel.
  • Your corner is rounder.

enter image description here

  • $\begingroup$ thanks a lot , i didnt know i could use a bevel for this king of usage $\endgroup$ – DB3D Sep 11 '18 at 18:17

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