i made a FullDome Animation with a Fisheye Camera going throught a scaled cube, with some elements around the camera (pictures in some kind of frames).

You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nderKXT7bnA&feature=youtu.be (please look the shadow below the frame/pictures, that's the main problem)

Everything works right, except for the lighting, with something i noticed before finally rendering on Blender Internal, when the camera pass throught the elements, it seems like the light resets itself, because between sections of the animation, it turns off and on, or the shadow changes. This was not a parameter i wanted to keyframe like that, it is only a camera moving from down to up (point A to B, only two keyframes) with an attached point light.

The thing is, this is an actual preview of a way bigger resolution version, so i had to render it in four different folders, for example, between frame 000 and 400, 400 to 600, 600 to 700 and 800 to 900. And sometimes, via testing, i did changed the tileset of the render to try faster render times (and it worked) but i wasnt able to see the full animation until all the frames were rendered.

Also, its weird since this is actually the second time i use the same exact setup scene that i made and used years ago with another work, only changing the pictures inside the 'frames' and the 'mayan' texture, that before this animation was a plain, pattern texture and now is also a pattern (with bump) texture. That old animation/scene did worked fine but this doesn't.

I don't know what it could be, maybe it was part of the different renders with different tileset? because it seems weird to me, since i didnt even modify anything, just changed the folder of rendering, and the tileset is even repeated by two or three of those four folders.

If you know anything to avoid this problem please tell me.

Thanks in advance.


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