I'm using blender 2.79b to edit a video. I'm not using it for 3d modeling at all. I edited the video in the VSE and everything plays fine from inside of blender. I then render the video to a file. I've tried every combination of audio codecs with the MPEG-4 container and H.264 video codec but every time the audio is either not present or is garbled when playing in Windows Media Player. Every case except for using Vorbis as the audio codec is garbled or not present when using VLC. I tried uploading the version using Vorbis to You Tube and the You Tube playback was garbled.

enter image description here

My searching and experimentation has reached its limits so I'm hoping someone can help me. Thank you!

  • I have also tried changing the bitrate and the sample rate but these still did not solve the issue. – James Sep 7 at 4:12
  • If you try playing the rendered video inside blender (i.e. adding it as a strip) does the audio play fine? – qwazix Sep 7 at 6:37
  • Have you tried with another sound source? Does the sound source itself play fine in media players? – m.ardito Sep 7 at 6:57

First try removing elements of the audio strips to find the problem source.

Also just use AAC audio codec for h264, as that should work ok.

Also you could do an audio only mixdown to flac, then re-import that into Blender as the master audio.

Use the Audio button nexct to the Animation button on the Project render properties panel.

mixdown button

Then find that file and replace the other clips in your timeline (you can just turn them off if you need to re-edit later)

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