The problem is, i want to render a smooth surface smootly, i use shade smooth but somehow it looks weird, i just want to have a polished curved and smooth sureface without that weird shading caused by smooth shading,shading flat isn't the option since the object is a cylinder

side view

here you can see the lines, (compare it to the image above):

see side view

topology shots

enter image description here

flat shading

enter image description here

it looks more closer like the output i want but i want to conserve the round surfaces to maintain the cilinder shape, but playing with flat hard surfaces at same time to give it a better shape since it's a torso


I've been playing with shading between faces, and i got a better output

enter image description here

but still having issue trying to shade smooth and flat at the same time, some surfaces like this, what i want to achieve is a polished and round surface at the same time, tried using F key, to create a whole new face, it didn't worked out for me

enter image description here

what i want to achieve in the picture above is something like this:

enter image description here

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    you have to show your mesh in Wireframe mode, I think you can simplify it a lot as your shape is quite simple – moonboots Sep 5 at 15:59
  • This is a result of your topology. Iif you put up an illustration of your model with 'Wire' and 'Draw all Edges' checked in its Display panel, we'd be able to point out what's wrong for you. – Robin Betts Sep 5 at 16:01
  • It's a torso, Moonboots, the idea is to make the front like a kind of shield, and make everything really smooth, since it happens what i told before, – Alan Parson Sep 5 at 16:07
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    Did you try with a subdivision surface modifier? you'll have to modify your topology anyway IMHO – Bithur Sep 5 at 16:20
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    I'm glad you found a workaround but I'm afraid you won't get far with only this... Learning how and why is the solution if you want to do interesting things! – Bithur Sep 5 at 18:56

Subsurf + Bevel is the way! , Kudos to Bithur for helping

enter image description here

(update) Subsurf + Bevel + Retopologized voila! thanks again to Bithur for his help

enter image description here

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