I have been using the Copy Attributes add-on to copy some properties from active object to selected objects. This add-on is not enabled by default and must be explicitly enabled. But its a very useful workflow enhancing tool.

Copy Attributes Add-On in action

There is a limitation though. Not all properties can be copied and even those that can be copied are copied in groups (Its hard-coded in to the add-on).

My question is if there is a built-in feature or any another other way to copy any property from the active object to the selected objects?


It appears there are few other options for copying properties.

Built-In Features

  1. Choose the objects to which a property has to be copied (destination)

  2. Then choose the object from which to copy the property (source)

  3. In the Properties panel, RMB RMB on the property and select Copy To Selected.

  4. You can also Press and Hold ALT key and then change the property on active object so that the selected objects also get updated.

In the screenshot, the show_name property on an Cube object is about to be copied to the Lamp and Camera objects.

Copying properties by using the Copy to Selected menu item

enter image description here

Some properties can also be copied using the Object > Make Links menu available via Ctrl + L:

Make links menu

Add-On: System Property Chart

There is an add-on called System Property Chart, which is bundled with Blender but is not enabled by default. After enabling, you can use it like so:

  1. The Property Chart panel is located in the properties panel of the 3D View Editor.
  2. By default, some properties already exist for viewing and editing. You can save presets by clicking the + icon.
  3. If you want more properties you can find the property in the interface and the right click on it and choose Copy Data Path and then paste it in the text area below the presets menu.
  4. The first row displayed is the active object and the rest the selected objects.
  5. By clicking the clipboard icon next to the column text, properties from active object is copied to selected objects.

Note: This panel displays properties of selected objects only. If there is no selection in the viewport, the spreadsheet is not displayed.

System Property Chart Add-On

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  • $\begingroup$ Very helpful. Is there a reason why Ctrl+L is not part of right click option "Copy to Selected"? It's too many options for same thing. $\endgroup$ – vklidu Sep 16 '15 at 15:02

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