I've been creating armor for a couple weeks now. Rigged everything, imported into Unity and 99% of them are working flawlessly! Heres my workflow:

  1. Import character
  2. Design / Import desired asset to be rigged
  3. Click on Asset & add a Data Transfer Modifier
  4. Click Vertex Data
  5. Click Vertex Group(s)
  6. Generate Data Layers
  7. Select Asset, Shift select Rig and Parent Asset to Rig with Armature Deform.
  8. Test Rig, Asset should move with it

My only issue was with 1 pair of the legs I created. When inside blender and posing, everything is perfect. But a couple of the animations makes his groin area protrude through the mesh in blender, mainly the idle animation. For the life of my I can't seem to figure out what would be causing this to occur? If anybody has ever had any issues like this or understands what is actually happening, I'd be greatly appreciative to understand why.

enter image description here

enter image description here


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