I've trying to use Blender 2.79b on my Client machine, and Blender 2.79.1 on my Slave machines. I want to do that because Blender 2.79.1 could use both CPU and GPU to render at the same time so it render faster than Blender 2.79.
But when I setup Client and Slaves like that, my network doesn't recognize the Slaves. My result after many try are:

  1. Client using 2.79b, Slaves Using 2.79b - WORK
  2. Client using 2.79.1, Slaves Using 2.79.1 - DIDN'T WORK
  3. Client using 2.79b, Slaves Using 2.79.1 - DIDN'T WORK

Please tell me is it possible to run render network like that, or is there a better way for my situation? Thank you for taking your time on my question.


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