I am a noob in blender. I want to create this non-symmetrical curve between the top curve of the page and the bottom curve of the page, but I couldn't find the way to make it.

Is there anyone want to tell me how to make it, or give me some easy tips and a tutorial?

enter image description here


'Bendy Bones' are a good fit for this.

Start with a suitably sub-divided plane :


Create an armature (single bone) and position it along one edge :


In Edit mode (Tab) duplicate the bone and position on the opposite edge :

two bones

Change the armature Display to 'B-Bone' :


While still in Edit mode, select each bone in turn and change the Bone properties Bendy Bone Segments to a suitably high number for your mesh level of detail (eg, 10 - more segments make for a smoother bend) :


Now swap back to Object mode and parent the armature to the plane (select the plane, Shift-select the armature, Ctrl+P, Armature Deform with Automatic Weights).

Now, bending the bone (by changing the Curve XY Offsets) will bend the page.

bent bones



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