I am startup up with Blender and through an internet course I created a scene, which are heavy to render on my pc.

So I started to investigate Render Layers, ideal for my situation I thought, I can render each Layer at a time, also on different computers and eventually combine al rendered images together, to created a final Rendered masterpiece.

I am figured out that I have to set Transparency on, on all images. So I did. And for the background (World), which will be displayed on the back, with everything in front of it, I figured Transparency is not needed, so I rendered an empty Layer with the Environment setting on.

I now have 3 images to start with, more Layers will be rendered in a later stadium.

So I find out that I have to use the Node Editor with a box called Alpha Over to combine them, so I did, see screendump picture.

Node Editor

But the problem is, my combined end result is not showing anywhere. What am I doing wrong, is my approach not right, I'm kinda stuck here. Help would be much appreciated!

Regards Martijn.


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It worked. I rendered 3 layers and in the node editor I checked use nodes and backlog. And then using alpha over I combined them and the result was shown :

enter image description here


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