I want to animate a plane using the graph editor. Its rotated on the Z aixs a little, but in the 3d view i can use the local transform orientation to make it go foward even if its rotated.

enter image description here

So I made some keyframes and the plane moved on its y axis as intended.

But when I go to the graph editor I see this

enter image description here

I see its global X and Y position changing but id like to edit the local Y axis...

How can i edit the local positon of an object??

Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!


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You cannot manipulate keyframes in local transform, they are stored and displayed in global transform only.

But you can parent the plane to an Empty and orient the plane through it. The plane's global animation is then transformed into local space of the Empty. This might be useful for simple short movements, but non-usable for larger animations. With more complicated movement you could have multiple empties and a dynamic child-of constraint to influence the plane only on sections of the animation. How to setup that is covered here:

How can I build a versatile camera rig which can both orbit around its focus and pan?


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