So I have imported an .fbx Unity model along with its .png textures. The textures provide more detail that I would like to incorporate into the 3d model. The end result is to edit it and export as an .stl file to be used in MeshMixer for 3d printing.

Learning the knife tool I am able to cut into the model and manipulate it the way I want. The issue is that I want the edits I'm making to mirror the other side. The mirror modifier creates two overlapping models that when exported as an .stl and opened in MeshMixer creates a wonky hybrid when I try to separate the shells.

I'm not entirely sure the model is perfectly symmetrical because trying to use the x-mirror and topology mirror under the mesh options tab it doesn't allow me to manipulate all portions of the model.

Using the bisect tool creates inaccurate slices that when mirrored with clipping enabled creates gaps between the two halves of the model.

The easiest solution in my head to do this would be to create a plane, align the median to 0 along the x axis, discard one half, make my edits, and then create the mirror. Is that a possible solution for my situation?enter image description here

In MeshMixer it is very easy to create a plane and discard half but using Blender this method escapes me. Most guides are for simple objects to be built up but they are difficult to translate to a pre-made object that is probably not symmetrical.

  • $\begingroup$ Solved. Simple solution was to create a cube, align one face to the x axis and create a boolean difference between it and the other half of the model. Once half was deleted I created the mirror. $\endgroup$ – vintorez1 Aug 20 '18 at 0:18

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