#d view with the modes menu open showing the incorrect shortcut

How to remove it. Please help!

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    Do you mean the hotkey of sculpt mode? – brockmann Aug 10 at 9:37
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    did you try restarting blender. It should be gone if you haven't changed the startup file or saved user settings. – Samir Rahamtalla Aug 10 at 9:50

Go to file/user preferences

Then under input, change name to key-binding and search "left mouse"

enter image description here

Scroll to object non-modal and press the cross to the right of "left mouse"

enter image description here

Go to File→User Preferences→Input→3D View→Object Non-Modal and delete the key for sculpting by pressing the 'x' beside it.

  • I've updated my answer. Please check it and sorry for messing it up previously. – Ashutosh Budhdeo Aug 10 at 14:20

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