Is it possible to create an artificial shutter effect in blender to render something like this?

enter image description here

  • When meshes are placed next to each other and parented they look connected. Then the child can be moved independently. Also there is [child of] constraint with an influence value. Both of those concepts can be searched at BSE. The famous video site that rhymes with noonoob may have tutorials on these topics. Many images appearing on a monitor can be considered artificial or not. – atomicbezierslinger Aug 10 at 5:53
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    @3pointedit Blender can do this, see my answer. Could you remove your incorrect comment, just in Case someone doesn't read further? – Leander Nov 10 at 12:04
  • This effect is produced by the camera sampling each frame 1 line at a time, so if the frame is 1080 pixels high and the object moves fast enough it will be composed of 1080 (1 pixel high) frames per image, all stacked on top of each other. Theres a great way to recreate this effect below! – 3pointedit Nov 15 at 11:47
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Everything in Blender is artificial. (lighting, shading, ...)

Blender Cycles has the rolling shutter functionality. Go to the scene settings and enable motion blur. In the Shutter Type, select Top To Bottom. Make sure to choose a relatively large shutter time and a small rolling shutter duration.

enter image description here

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