I have a project where I need to see light rays. I have a light source which is a sphere :

enter image description here

Over it I have an Icosphere where I removed some faces to let light pass through it :

enter image description here enter image description here I wanted to enhance the light effect by making it glossy a bit.

Over all of it i have a simple sphere where i use this node enter image description here

With this setup and a sampling of 512, I got this result: enter image description here

I need to keep the rays but hide the icosphere so the light source and rays remain visible. Is it possible to do it?


Sure. You have two options: You can disable camera visibility in the properties of the object: enter image description here

Or you could make a material for it that is mixed with transparent shader with Light Paths node's Is Camera Ray output: enter image description here

In this case you just need the condition Is Camera Ray to 'show' transparent shader and for the rest you don't even need a shader since it just needs to cast a shadow. Light paths node tends to slow down render time, so chances are the first method with object properties is going to be faster to render, but you can do more complex stuff with Light Paths node so it's worth knowing about.


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