Every .blender, file that we save, is a SCENE in itself, right? So the VSE provides a option to add a Scene. Now after adding the scene, how can I link it to an existing Scene?

For example : 1. I create a 3d Text and save it as Text.blender. 2. Now I create a video using the VSE and save it as Video.blender. 3. To Video.Blender I add a SCENE. 4. How can I link the New SCENE to Text.blender?

Thanks, Anand


A ".blend" file is a an entire project that consists of 1 or more scenes.

A .blend file can have a scene dedicated to VSE output.

Any .blend project can "Append" another .blend's scenes.

append scene

scene navigation

scene selection

Navigate to the required .blend project and select the Scene category.

Once you have appended or "imported" an external scene it is available to add to the timeline (shift-A) in the first .blend file's VSE scene as a scene strip.

add scene strip

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