Ive completed a tutorial on motion tracking, and in my shot, i basically pan around a table where I added a "square hole" that goes down into the middle of it. It appears to follow through very well, but now im conflicted as I see my 580 + render is currently at frame 155 and I just realized that its rendering without the actual video in the background, just the mesh animation thats suppose to follow it. Is this normal for the animation to be rendered without the video implying that after its done I have to somehow impose the animation on top of the video somehow (how)?

Or is there a way for me to render my animation along with the video that its tracking into a simple avi file like any other animation video. I can imagine my frustration when I finish rendering my current scene of 12 hours or so to find out that its just the mesh animation without the video meaning I have to render another 12 hours after somehow being able to impose it. Is this the proper method? Any help is appreciated.

enter image description here


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