I've been creating some Helmets for my game, I wanted to add a little bit of character to the helmets, I'm going to try and design some of my own symbols / designs but I don't have any clue what the best way about using an image to create detail on an object ( protruding into the helmet ). My plan is to put a symbol around the "trim" of the helmet. I started to just use the cut tool but I quickly realized it wouldn't come out exactly how my design was, so I figured there has got to be a way quicker way to go about it.enter image description hereenter image description here I searched around but I guess my wording isn't correct, I don't truly know how to explain in depth what I want that well. My english isn't the best.


You could do it this way:

  • You can try to convert your picture in Illustrator, then import as a SVG, then convert curve to mesh. Give it thickness with an extrusion, then use the Remesh modifier to give it a good topology. Modifier settings: disable Remove Disconnected Pieces, Mode : Sharp, Octree Depth : 8, Scale : 0.3, Sharpness : 1 .
  • If the result is too messy, recreate your ornemental shape from scratch with your model as a Background Image.
  • Give your ornement mesh a thickness with two successive extrusions on the Z axis. The first extrusion must be thin as you'll later use a Subdivision Surface modifier.
  • Create a plane, subdivide it to make a grid.
  • Give your ornement a Surface Deform modifier, choose the grid as the Target and click Bind.
  • Give your grid a Shrinkwrap modifier and choose the helmet as your Target. Now your ornement should stick to the helmet. Play with the Shrinkwrap Offset if necessary.
  • Give your ornement a Subdivision Surface modifier to smooth the shape, also, click on Shading > Smooth on the left menu of your 3D view (activated with T).

When you have finished you can choose to Bake this helmet in order to fake the ornement in the Material with a Normal map.

enter image description here

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