I'm trying to figure out the best way to have a cylinder that splits at its midpoint and and smoothly transitions/flattens out into a plane. So far I've kind of figured out one way of doing this by having a plane and cylinder joined together as a single mesh and connecting the edges of the plane to the edges of the cylinder. Turned out like this: pic Thought's and suggestions appreciated!




  1. Enable LoopTools add-on.
  2. Create Circle with chosen vertices count. Mine is 16.
  3. Go to Edit Mode rotate Circle 90 degrees (X or Y axis).
  4. Select top most vertex on the Circle and hit V to Rip selected vertex to two vertices. Now Circle has 17 vertices.
  5. Create line with 17 vertices. I've done it by adding a Plane, deleted two vertices and CtrlR > 15 (15 cuts + 2 verts = 17).
  6. Level line with Circle bottom. I've used snapping. And also scale it a bit.


  1. Select All A than W > LoopTools > Bridge and set number of Segments and Strength of this bridge.
  2. Extrude line to have a plane and extrude circle to have a tube.


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