I tried recreating something like this:

Made by Flavio Carvalho


The head can move on the x and y axis.

The model itself is done, but I just want to move the head in both directions and have the "arm" move along automatically, and I would like to have them constrained. I didn't find a tutorial that explains this. I never really worked with bones and constraints.


Tell me if this is ok for you:

  • Create 2 objects: Your cube and your cylinder
  • Create 1 armature with a small vertical bone for the cube and a long horizontal bone for the cylinder.
  • Parent the small cube to the long with a ctrl P > Keep Offset.
  • In Pose mode, give a Bone Constraint > Limit Location to each bone, choose Local Space and click every axis that should be limited.
  • Now when you move your cylinder bone it should only go up, and the cube bone should follow it and be constrained in its axis

enter image description here

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