Is this possible to model this spiral kinda thing? How can I do this? Thank you enter image description here


Here is a way to do it, maybe there is a simpler way?

  • Create your shape profile, keep the origin where the pivot point needs to be.
  • Add a Screw modifier to your object, with a 360° Angle, play with the Screw factor, add some Steps to make the mesh smoother, choose the amount of Iterations you need.
  • Apply your modifier in Object mode
  • Go in Edit mode and W > Remove Doubles so that the mesh vertices join themselves and leave no gaps between the iterations, play with Merge Distance factor on the bottom of the T menu.
  • Cut the top of the mesh
  • Merge some vertices on the top edge loop to simplify it.
  • Flatten it in the Z axis with S+Z+0
  • With the top edge loop still selected, enable the LoopTools addon, if it is not already, and make a W > LoopTools > Circle.
  • Extrude this top edge loop.
  • Do the same thing for the bottom (clean the mesh, make a circle, extrude...)
  • Give your object a Subdivision Surface modifier to smooth it, and click Shading > Smooth in the T menu.

enter image description here

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