I'm using the vehicle constraint to simulate a vehicle in Blender Game.
The documentation instructs to set the collision on the wheels to None.

Hence The collision sensor doesn't work with the wheels.

I would like to know if it is still possible to accomplish the following with as little python scripting as possible(Not because I don't like scripting, but because blender recommends using sensors to do such tasks):

  • Detect when a wheel is in the air(Not in contact with any surface) individually
  • Detect when wheels come in contact with different surfaces, so I can change the tire friction dynamically. (Sidenote: can I use the material friction property of surfaces to attain this? It doesn't seem to make any difference)
  • Make wheels interact with each other(of other vehicles). eg. Give a large force to each wheel that comes in contact with each other if either of them are running

Thanks in Advance


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