OK, so I'm modding some tail lamps for a game called "Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game". The gist is, you can mount fixtures to car bodies, and they cut in and morph to the shape of the body. This makes for some really cool customization options, but also can make it difficult to make mods.

For this example, I've made a not-a-Ford-Taurus tail lamp. What I have so far is this;

Not A Taurus Tail Lamp

Looks like this in game;

Light In Game

What I need to do with it however, is cut holes in the housing (pink area) so that transparent materials can be used, and pass light into a reflector housing behind all that.

I've attempted a Boolean operation, but two things.

First, I get a very strange result I've not seen before. Rather than just simply cutting out a hole, it's added an extra dimension that was unwanted;

Borked Boolean Attempt

So that's the first thing, the second thing is, if I had it working, or I just fiddled around and deleted the extra loops I don't want, what's the best way to go about connecting the vertices to the rest of the mesh? Can it be done automatically, with some sort of fill operation, or do I have to manually connect each one?


The only solution I've been able to think of is really fiddly. It involves just using the oval inserts I've made just as a template, then make lots of individual loop cuts into the housing mesh. Once Done, I'd just select the individual vertices, one by one and extrude the ovals out of the housing itself, then just discard the original oval mesh.

enter image description here

I'm hoping there is an easier way.


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