I recently created a scene with 8 characters, an HDRI map and a lot of trees. I tried to render it, but I can't. I tried a lot of things, like reduce light bounces, reduce samples, use GPU and CPU, turn off caustics etc, I also tried spliting up the scene into layers. But it's still the same problem. When I start rendering, Blender synchronizes my objects, then it shows me : "Building BVH nodes". So I wait, then it crashes. I'm quite patient, but it doesn't work at all.

I think this is because my characters have hairs particles (a lot of hairs, in fact these are wolves sooo...). When I worked on these wolf models, I rendered them individually, it was rendering quite fast. Maybe my computer can't handle this scene, if it's that, what can I do? I can't change it completely, but maybe I can buy another graphic card or get more RAM.

(I did tests. When I move 7 characters into another layer and I only render 1, it works. I guess I can work on my project using compositing stuff, but admit it would be easier for me to just have 1 or 2 render layers. Any ideas? (I guess I'm going to have to improve my computer stuff)

I have the last version of Blender and a Nvidia PNY Quadro 400 graphic card. When it crashes, I don't have any messages or something. I'm using a windows 10 computer and I've got 8Go of RAM but I know my mother card can handle 32Go.

Okay so I'm really sorry if you don't understand all, I'm not a native English speaker at all! Anyway have a good day/night


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