Does Dynamic Paint work with Cycles and Fire Flow in the following way?

  • Fire is moving as determined by Dynamic Paint Vertex Group
  • Not just a single beginning frame of Vertex Group
  • Cycles Render not Blender Internal Render.

If it does work, what are the practical settings in Blender?

enter image description here

Additional Context

I can see that the Weight Paint is successful in 3D View.

I cans see a successful Dynamic Paint with Fire with Blender Render.

This Blender User has Cycles with these results


  • Particles which allow some movement with associated texture
  • Full Mesh Fire
  • Static Vertex Group
  • Single Texture


  • Image Sequence as Texture

The mesh emitting flames is both a dynamic canvas and a smoke flow, it needs to use the same vertex group for painting and smoke flow.

enter image description here


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