Hello fellow BlendMasters!

I am trying to make a simple sliding door animation for my GLTF viewer and keep running into this problem:

When i parent my objects (doors) with the separate bones (ctrl + p > Bone) in blender it all looks good, but if i export this scene to GLTF format and look at it in GLTF viewer - doors are misplaced. Misplacing happens even when there are no animations nor actions made.

My blender file looks like that: initial blender file

This is what i get in gltf viewer:

gltf viewer

My final intention is to separatelly start animations of the both doors. Final intention

imgur album: https://imgur.com/a/slVP6o2

What am i doing wrong? Maybe it is not the right way to do this? In my final file there will be more doors like that, which i want to control individually.

My Blender sample file:


As i found out from glTF Blender Exporter github issue thread, this is exporters problem. Workaround to this is:

...to create joints and weights for this mesh and give full weight to the bone it is assigned to.

That worked for me, so i hope it will help someone like me in the future.

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