Okay, i have a really wierd problem. I am totally new to blender, and i have just bought a 3D model of a present, to play a little around with.

The 3D model looks very nice, and in Rendered, Material and texture mode are all the materials showing perfectly fine (not in Solid though, the present is just gray here).

So... Now i want to make this file into a .dae-file, so that i can use it in Xcode. And here comes the problem. "The model export, but not the texture." And i dont want a totally gray present in my app. ;)

I have nothing done with the present (nothing else than pay $ for it). I go into: Export -> Collada (.dae) and have the Texture options like this:

enter image description here

(I have also tried the other options)

The blender file looks like this in blender.

enter image description here

But the .dae-file look like this. enter image description here Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?


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