fast responds please this my examination videos , please. i just set the videos and audio at the blender video editing then i after 7 hour of put strip audio for dubbing i move the blender file from the localdisk D to the new folder incase to save the blender file from suddenly deleted by me, but when i open the blender file for render it the videos is gone it might contain video and audio strip but still don't appear the videos take look at the screenshot

i screenshot this before this happen enter image description here

enter image description here the second is after move

  • Users here are all volunteers working on their free time, demanding fast answers is considered rude and a sure way to get them slower – Duarte Farrajota Ramos Jul 13 at 23:49
  • When videos or other components in the VSE go missing it's usually because Blender can no longer see those files. I see that you've moved Blender to another drive or folder, so the simplest solution is to select each missing strip in turn and at the right, tell it where the file is, even though the files are still in their original location. Blender has probably been set to "Relative Paths". If so, Change that to "Absolute". – Edgel3D Jul 14 at 2:42
  • thank yo so much everyone, I'm sorry and I don't mean to everyone to ask my question in the fast respond I mean like "everyone please help me , because that videos is my last exams in the drama class that i have to pass". but, now thanks god, thanks everone is done now. it solved. thanks Edgel3d – Zainul Arifin Jul 25 at 4:22

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