• I'm running Blender on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS; I use Blender 2.76b. My problem is when I turn the Viewport Shading to Material Mode, it is very very slow. It is even much slower (much!) than the Rendered Mode. Literally, I can't even move the view naturally.

  • The official site of Blender says that the version 2.76 is the last compatible with OpenGL 1.4 (That is the version that I have), therefore, should not present me any problem.

  • I do not have a dedicated graphics card, but the integrated Intel chip. This, for its time, should not present problems of incompatibility due to Driver issues.


The problem persists in versions 2.75a, 2.76, 2.76a and 2.76b, I have not tried other older versions. There is an irrelevant performance improvement between version 2.75a and 2.76b.

Thanks, first of all.


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