How to get lamp object?

def test():
    Lights = bpy.data.lamps
    for light in Lights:
        light.use_nodes = True;

#how to get light.object? and set position?


Blender object basics.

The lamp objects in bpy.data.lamps is the data part of a lamp object o. A lamp object has o.type == "LAMP" and o.data is a lamp object from bpy.data.lamps.

To get all lamp objects in file

lamp_objects = [o for o in bpy.data.objects
                if o.type == 'LAMP']

all in file that use a lamp named "Lamp"

lamp = bpy.data.lamps.get("Lamp")
lamp_objects = [o for o in bpy.data.objects
                if o.type == 'LAMP' # need this since
                and o.data is lamp] # o.data is None for empties

for all in context scene

scene = bpy.context.scene
lamp_objects = [o for o in scene.objects
                if o.type == 'LAMP']

for all in context selected objects

lamp_objects = [o for o in bpy.context.selected_objects
                if o.type == 'LAMP']

To move all lamps to local position (0, 0, 0)

for o in lamp_objects:
    o.location = (0, 0, 0)

To move all lamps to global origin

for o in lamp_objects:
    o.matrix_world.translation = (0, 0, 0)

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