so I am making a black hole in blender. I am "following" a tutorial for it, but it isn't exactly made for blender, but lightwave 3d. Now I am trying to create an innersteller like black hole, with the acceleration disk, and the gravitational lenses, and there are ways to do it, but I am not as experienced as you guys are in the node editor. I've been looking all over the web for ways to do it, but to no avail, so, please help a friend out.

Here is the video I am following: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxyKKKTD6Qc I have the models done, and I have HDRi map as a background right now. enter image description here

Yes, each object is seperate. If follow along with his video, you will see that he uses refraction and transparency. There isn't that kind of setting readily available to access that I can see right now, and when I comes to shaders and nodes I am lost. Not exactly meaning to ask for a tutorial, but if someone would be kind enough to layout the nodes that I would need for all three objects, that would be FANTASTIC.



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