I have made some .blend files on my Windows machine at work and now when I try to render them with my mac at home they render pink or purple (Not good at colors!).

From here I tried Blender-> File -> External Data -> Automatically pack into .blend but I get the error:

Report: Error Unable to pack file, source path /Program Files/ Blender Foundation/ Blender/2.79/scripts/addons/manuelbastionilab/data/textures/human_female_diffuse.png not found

enter image description here


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From here I found that the missing textures should be assigned again. So selected

Blender-> File -> External Data -> Find missing files

and then went to the folder


The issue was solved. Now to avoid this happening again you select select the Blender-> File -> External Data -> Pack all into .blend so the textures will be integrated into the .bled file and don't have to be loaded from original texture folder every time.


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